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Every once in a while it’s nice to look back fondly on the past, taking nuggets of inspiration, before spinning them in a more contemporary way. That was certainly the thinking behind our little head to head with local legends Henri Lloyd a few months back.

The 80’s revival seems to be stubbornly giving way to a bit of early 90’s nostalgia but not before one last bit of harping back to Milan 1984.

Ok, so it’s a bit camp but you’re not telling us that little union of Timberlands and Burlingtons doesn’t look good, even if the bloke wearing them looks slightly scary. There’s also the aforementioned Henri Lloyd Consort Jacket and even a couple of pairs of Ray Ban. Spot on. Set your time circuits to ’84, get your flux capacitor…fluxing and fire up your engine for Il Ritorno dei Paninari.

You can watch the full film here.

We nod our bouffant in the direction of Oneupmanship for bringing this to our attention.

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