Oi Polloi

Some Pitti Pics

Published: Tue Jan 18 2011

(Above) Mr. McQueen lurking in the background there, the most stylish ghost spotted across all the Pitti Umo stands. In case you never knew – the Barbour International jacket celebrates 75 years of itself this year…

(Above) This is a tree house in the middle of the new WP shop… good innit?

(Above) Also in the new WP shop… good ain’t it? Not sure what it is exactly. An equestrian shoe rack?

(Above) OiPolloi’s Steve Sanderson and Engineered Garments’ Angelo. Great restaurant, don’t remember the name… yes it is customary to have four glasses of wine on the go… when in Rome… or Florence.

(Above) Patrick OiPolloi, Nigel OiPolloi and Takeshi Ohfuchi of Post O’Alls fame.

(Above) Photo of iPhone photo of Glenn Rig-Out taking a photo of iPhone taking photo… with added dickie-bow to complete the composition. Art? Yes.

(Above) Steve and Nigel. Window shopping.

(Above) You’ll all be on this by next winter. Bet youse.