Oi Polloi

The Rig-Out : A Retrospective

Published: Tue Jan 11 2011

While the New Year is all about looking ahead, we thought we’d buck the trend and look back briefly, with this retrospective peek at the last three issues of The Rig-Out.


We asked The Rig-Out’s Glenn Kitson to give us the lowdown on each shoot.

The Rig-Out – Issue #1 / Photography by Antony Crook, Styling by Glenn Kitson

Glenn Kitson:

“Brownie’s a ‘style icon’ these days but back then in the hazy days of 2008 he was a bit of an unknown quantity… he still is actually. 

Antony Crook shot this first spread in late November and it was just hovering above freezing with Brownie jumping in and out of rivers in just a pair of boat shoes without any socks on.

If you want genuine authenticity, John Brown is the real deal. The canal boat featured is his home, with no electricity or running water. He has a vegetable plot too. And a few chickens.

I loved this first shoot, it has a real charm to it, plus Brownie looked like some sort of unhinged British Steve McQueen. The type of guy who would keep you alive in the trenches… only to then eat you when winter crept in.”

Oi Polloi

Jackets by Nigel Cabourn, Barbour, Fjallraven and Baracuta.
Shirts by Engineered Garments and Oliver Spencer for Oi Polloi.
Sweater by Saint James.
Rucksack by Fjallraven.


Barbour and Bicycle


The Rig-Out – Issue #2 / Photography by Antony Crook, Styling by John Studley


The model Felix is the son of Terry Hall, and a respected DJ in his own right too. My influence on this mainly consisted of me telling Felix to wear loads of Fred Perry and smoke a lot. It worked, I think.

Out of range on the first shot was a gang of East Manchester scallies waiting to take our jackets off us. The area we shot was waiting to be knocked down, and it had the feel of ‘The Wire’ about it, very Baltimore.

We wanted to get away from doing the boats ‘n’ bikes outdoors thing and do something urban. Manchester urban.”

Oi Polloi

Jackets by 6876, Nigel Cabourn, Barbour and Baracuta.
Denim by Edwin.
Chinos by Velour, Dockers.
Shirts by Fred Perry, YMC, Velour and Folk.
Polo shirt by Fred Perry.
Knitwear by Fred Perry, Nigel Cabourn, Engineered Garments, Our Legacy and C.P Company.
Bags by R6 by 6876.
Footwear by Clarks Originals.

The Rig-Out – Issue #3 / Photography by Antony Crook, Styling by Steve Sanderson


“Steve Sanderson styled the studio shoot. Its very Acid House, very Voodoo Ray. Something we all grew up with.

If you’re going to do an outdoors beards ‘n’ outerwear shoot, you may as well do it properly and that’s exactly what we did in The Rig Out 3.

What can be said of James Bowthorpe? What a guy… a genuine all round hero. Quiet and unassuming, this guy rode around the world on his push bike to earn money for charity. Plus he looks ace. We trekked up a mountain for 2 hours to reach that glacier and it’s one of the highlights of my life. We shot mostly at night as it was summer and we were a couple of hundred miles within the arctic circle. We had perpetual daylight, albeit a weird pinkish light when it got past midnight. That may have just been our eyesight tripping though.

There is a magic that far north and we reckon we captured it perfectly.”

Oi Polloi

Jackets by Henri Lloyd, Nigel Cabourn, Mackintosh, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Guy Cotten, Stone Island and Woolrich.
Knitwear by C.P Company and Stone Island.
Denim by Edwin and Levis LVC.
Shirts by Norse Projects and Ralph Lauren.