Oi Polloi

Tugboat The Beautiful

Published: Wed Dec 29 2010

As you may have noticed readers – we at OiPolloi have a penchant for Americana of a certain ilk, good looking stuff that bears the mark of it’s maker, often hand-crafted with exceptional attention paid to the finer details. Needless to say when we stumbled across Tugboat Printshop our heads flipped… and we considered that extra bit of overdraft.

In their own words Tugboat Printshop “strives to provide quality, traditionally hand-made prints at affordable prices directly to the public. Our prints are completely original images drawn by hand, carved out of woodblocks by hand (with hand tools), and printed onto paper by hand on our in-house etching press”.

The work that into each of these prints is phenomenal, below are some images of the process taking place…

Close-ups of the birch plywood printing blocks used for printing ‘America The Beautiful’

‘America The Beautiful’ – the finished product pulled up from the black ink block.

If you like what you see – take a gander at Tugboat Printshop’s site, lots more artwork and process images / info. You can buy direct too.

All visual media © Tugboat Printshop