Oi Polloi

Arctic Sailing With Henri Lloyd

Published: Tue Dec 21 2010

I’ll apologise for any typos in advance… typing with gloves on ain’t easy… even if they are super sleek getaway driver’s gloves from Dents… It’s arctic in the office. Patrick’s wearing his Storm Parka with the hood up… Seb’s got two scarves on… Claude’s broke out the beret… Steve said “in these conditions a snood is almost acceptable”.

That last bit was a lie, but I kid you not – it’s cold.

In a last ditch attempt to keep warm we dug out some sailing shots from the Henri Lloyd archive – featuring real arctic conditions. That’ll teach us, it’s tame in here by comparison.

You might have slipped on your backside mooching home from the pub last night, but trust us – it didn’t go as wrong as the voyage documented in the following photos…

Cop yourself a Henri Lloyd Consort RWR for Christmas… keep warm / look cool.