Oi Polloi

Christmas Gift Guide

Published: Wed Dec 08 2010

We’ll start with the more inexpensive items. There’s (probably) some statistics somewhere that show December being the month when most sock sales are made. After all everyone gets socks from someone don’t they? If you want something cheap and cheerful, Happy Socks are just the ticket. We have a number of options which are all yours in return for a poorly octopus (sick squid). Yes six English pounds, six quid, geddit? If your budget is around a tenner then you probably already know the score when it comes to socks. Look no further than a pair of Falke. There’s something for everyone with a bit of Falke and all brilliant quality. We’ve various colours and patterns but if you fancy something a bit different then the popular Universal Works brought out their first collection of socks. If you’ve been a bit more diligent with your penny pinching this year and as a result have a bit more to spend, Corgi are spot on. If you’re a show off with a taste for luxury the Pantherella Cashmere Fairisle are the super socks for you. Fill your boots, literally.

If you want to be a bit more imaginitive with your gift-giving this year, it’s unlikely you can get better than a Fisher Space Pen. Designed in 1948 and exhibited in the New York Museum of Modern Art, it can be used upside down, underwater and lasts twice as long as other roller ball pens. It’s perhaps the ideal gift for a brother or cousin who was obsessed with Star Wars as a kid but prefers not to admit it these days. Also worth a mention when discussing gifts for the more technologically minded fellow – Cote Et Ciel, posh cases for laptops, iPhones, iPads etc. Be a geek / still look good.

Stepping up a gear, what if your loved one favours two wheels as their mode of daily transport? We have all manner of serious cycling bits from Brooks, the Brummie Bicycle connoisseurs. It’s well known that their bike saddles often outlast the bicycle itself so if you’re looking to avoid buying presents for the next few years this could be the ideal solution.

Anything grabbed you so far? No? Ok then how about a belt from Andersons or R6? If you’ve got to buy a present for someone who has steadfast plans to embark on a New Year’s resolution to lose weight maybe you’ve found what you were looking for. What could be more perfect for a shrinking relative than a belt… You could just agree to buy them a new pair of jeans every month until they’ve reached their fighting weight but that could work out a bit dear. Better sticking to a belt eh?

Like socks, watches are a regular festive favourite and the trio of colours we’ve got from Uniform Wares fit the bill. Made in London town, they call watches ‘kettles’ down there. It’s some kind of weird rhyming slang thing apparently. The mind boggles when it comes to those crazy cockneys and their secret language, but it must be said, Uniform Wares know exactly what time it is.

Instead of something to wrap around a relatives wrist, how about something to wrap around their neck? No, we’re not talking about nooses, nor the current craze for Premiership softys (the snood), just the simple, faithful scarf. It’s very much scarf weather right now so if you’re into being practical, look no further than one of our wide selection from Johnstons or something a bit different from YMC. Also on offer in the neck-wear section are a selection of ties from the likes of The Hillside and Gitman Bros.

Let’s be honest – there comes a point over the Christmas period when a retreat from all the family festivities is needed. Entertainment? Well, Xmas telly’s often not all it’s cracked up to be, all the DVD box-set’s have been done in and the iPad needs a Snow Leopard before it will work (yes, a Snow Leopard). Fret not friends – Oi Polloi has the answer, a good old fashioned bit of annual action… well, some reading material at least. We have quite a library stacking up here – Manzine, Rouler, The Rig-Out, Inventory. Get your fingers inky this Xmas.

Obviously we stock more than just the affordable gifts we’ve mentioned so far. If you’re feeling really generous or you fancy tipping the wink to someone about a certain jumper or jacket you’d like to unwrap on the 25th, the choice is as wide as you like. Maybe you feel like you’ve been a good enough boy to deserve a treat of your own this year? If so, pay particular attention to some of the brilliant outerwear we’ve got from Nigel Cabourn, the Daddy of British Menswear, or maybe you prefer a bit of Japanese genius from Daiki Suzuki’s Woolen Mills by Woolrich? Both brands have significant reductions and there are great pre-sale saving to be made if you’re quick. A couple of Belstaff bags are also reduced into the bargain, as are various bits from Fred Perry and everything from Lacoste. Time to break into that January sale fund you’ve been stashing away a bit early perhaps?

And if you’ve got any money left after buying all these incredible presents you probably deserve something flash to put it in. If you’ve not cut your card up and you’ve got a few fivers still knocking about, the stitched card case from Billy Kirk is perfect. If you’re just down to coins though, what about the rather novel creation from Il Bussetto, the Tacco Coin Case.

Whatever you get this year – have a good’un…

Merry Christmas, Oi Polloi