Oi Polloi

Tony Montana / Mousepads

Published: Thu Dec 02 2010

We’ll start with the week’s biggest delivery, and that comes from Cathal McAteer’s Folk Clothing. It’s been around for a while now and every season it seems to get closer to perfection. They do essentials very well and that’s what we’ve got for you this week. Their basic t-shirt comes in grey brown marl, red marl and blue marl and provides a very nice base layer to those of you who embrace winter and use it as an opportunity to wear as many smart clothes as possible. In addition to their t-shirts, we have the rounded elbow shirt which exudes (yes, exudes) the same quality and attention to detail we’ve come to expect in recent seasons. Another thing Folk do well is knitwear and their most recent effort put us in mind of a very cool Grandfather, the kind who dresses young, says things like “There’s many a good tune to be played on an old fiddle”, and still plays tennis every Thursday afternoon.

While he’s playing tennis though, he changes into a bit of Fred Perry. He says it’s the done thing. On that note, we have a couple of new Fred Perry bits this week, which will be welcome news for elderley fitness fanatics and young revellers alike. From their special Laurel Wreath collection we have a Harrington Jacket and a Bomber Jacket, both of which come in navy with a nice muted logo.

On a similar mod/skin tip, we’ve had a trio of new shirts from Denmark’s Mikkel Rude. Casting a contemporary eye over traditional British style, we reckon Mikkel Rude have created a modern classic. With close attention to detail, and some great checked patterns, there should be room in everyone’s wardrobe for at least one Mikkel Rude shirt. The Window Pane shirt comes in three quite diverse colour schemes meaning all bases are touched and there should be something for everyone.

Tune in next week when we’ll be trying to create a daft play on words relating to Norse Projects, the melting snow and the word ‘Thor’.

Oi Polloi