Oi Polloi

North Tea Power / The Impossible Project

Published: Thu Nov 25 2010

North Tea Power is, despite the name, where we go to drink coffee. I’m sure the tea’s great too, but for us it’s all about a cup of joe “black as midnight, on a moonless night”.

If you don’t drink tea or coffee – here’s another reason to pay them a visit… next Thursday (2.12.10) is the opening evening of an exhibition they’re hosting – the UK’s first using only film from The Impossible Project as the medium of choice. It’s called The Good Grey and 11 Manchester based artists are exhibiting – including Rob Bailey, which usually means it’ll be worth a gander.

For those who don’t know – The Impossible Project is a relatively new venture which has re-created instant film that can be used in classic Polaroid cameras (Polaroid have sadly stopped making it). We’re a sucker for all things analogue over here at Oi Polloi so this kind of thing appeals… plus a few of us got our picture snapped for the show.

If you fancy coming along for a look (and maybe a free booze or two) North Tea Power is located here: 36 Tib St. Manchester. Make sure you email Evelyn to RSVP : [email protected]

PS – writing this post put me in mind of…