Oi Polloi

Just Put It On Shuffle Please Sir

Published: Wed Nov 24 2010

STOP PRESS Issue no.4 of Manzine is here. If you haven’t had the pleasure – let us introduce you… Manzine – a new men’s magazine that’s funny and irreverent yet intelligent. Manzine manages to incorporate an esoteric selection of subjects such as: scotch eggs, nuclear bunkers, fatherhood, driving etiquette and Quincy Jones… Oh and Oi Polloi. That’s right Uncle Oi Polloi gets a full DPS (that’s double-page-spread fact fans) to himself, featuring some of this winter’s best garments, all illustrated by Ben Lamb. On the subject of publications – if your looking at restocking the library properly, we’ve had more copies of Sideburn #4 and Men’s File #3 delivered.

Anyway, back to the clobber waffle…

We’ll start the cycle with the Engineered Garments Bike Jacket though, a bit of a bonus item that has arrived separate to our original batch. Like Del Griffith in 1987 film Planes, Trains and Automobiles, this is an unexpected Thanksgiving visitor. Ok so we don’t celebrate that particular holiday this side of the pond, but what are we supposed to say? Happy fourth Thursday in November? Well then.

Everything about this jacket is considered, just as we’ve come to expect from the brand. It’s a cycling jacket which features a bi-swing back (no jokes please), snap button cover for the front, vents where vents should be and pockets where pockets should be, with some of them positioned so they can be accessed easier while riding a bike. Not that we suggest trying to change the song your ipod while hurtling down the high street. Just put it on shuffle please Sir.

Sticking with outerwear how about a bit of Barbour? The Antique Bedale features in our Deck Out section and is a nice slimmer take on the regular Bedale. It’s an item that befits a brand that is 116 year old this year, distinguished. You know all about Barbour don’t you, let’s not beat about the bush.

What next? How about a bit of Ralph. It wouldn’t be the Oi Polloi newsletter without a bit of Ralph Lauren would it? It’s a staple in our weekly musings just as it is in your wardrobe, and we’ve got two polos and 1 pair of shorts for you this week, which covers any of you lucky swines off on a winter jaunt. Send us a postcard will you?

A welcome return in the sock drawer is Corgi. Born the year before fellow Royal Warrant holders Barbour, Corgi socks are made in Wales and the descendants of founder Rhys Jones continue to guide the brand. We have four different versions of their excellent socks, all of which are perfect for giving to a loved one on Christmas morning.

Older than both Barbour and Corgi are Sanders. Established by Thomas Sanders in 1873, the company is still based in Rushden, Northamptonshire, an area renowned for it’s footwear production. We’ve got their super-posh Leather Derby Shoe which features brown grain uppers off-set nicely with a welted red brick sole. As any gent wearing hard-bottom brogues will tell you – breaking them can be… a little bothersome. For those of you after something easier to wear straight out of the box – these might be the ones. The sole unit is a little lighter. Lightweight – yet sturdy and traditional. And all grown-up. These shoes will put a proper stride in your step.

A new brand for us is Village Green, an English label based in that there London. They specialise in basics, essentials, staples, call them what you like but they’re affordable, attractive, accessible and probably lots of other good things not beginning with an ‘a’. We have a couple of nice cable knits in navy and ecru. Catch them while you can. 

Now if you don’t mind we’d better crack on and untangle these fairy lights,

Oi Polloi