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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents: by Eoin MacManus / Photography By Enrico Grigoletti •

Based in Greenport, New York state, their proximity to the Big Apple fuelled their early growth as demand for nautical expertise was high. Initially Wm. J. Mills & Co were known for their canvas sailmaking…

In 1951 a ten year old newspaper delivery boy was introduced to Mr Mills after complaining to his father that his papers were too heavy and unprotected from the elements. With business going well, Mr Mills could have been forgiven if he’d dismissed such a minor request, but he appreciated the young boy’s enthusiasm and attention to detail and took on the task without hesitation. Featuring reinforced stitching, waterproof canvas and straps that wrapped around the bag, the result was probably an early incarnation of what we now call the canvas Tote Bag…

While Wm. J. Mills & Co have a rich heritage on which to call, they have moved with the times. The technology used in their production process is amongst the best around. As a result, they are able to mix a traditional look with modern processes to create near perfect canvas bags. Their proud boast that ‘Canvas makes it better, and Mills makes it best’ is something we fully endorse.

All photos shot by Enrico Grigoletti on his lovely old Rolleiflex camera…

Which is something else we endorse – a bit of film’s nice in these days of digital eh?

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