Oi Polloi

James Bowthorpe

Published: Wed Oct 20 2010

For his first project James proposed an round-the-world bike ride, across 20 countries, in aid of charity. He managed to complete the 18,000 mile bike in less than six months, beating the world record by 20 days. An amazing achievement, and in doing so he raised £55,000 for What’s Driving Parkinson’s (a research clinic at King’s College Hospital in London). But the story doesn’t end there…

Mr. Bowthorpe’s next feat was inspired by American philosopher, street musician and raft-builder Poppa Neutrino. Neutrino is known for building a boat out of rubbish and sailing it across the Atlantic to Ireland, unfortunately contracting rabies somewhere long the way. James’ idea was, by his own admission, more modest and (let’s hope) less disease ridden. The plan was to build a small rowing boat out of wood found in skips, within a mile of the Thames, and then row it from the source back to London. He built the boat himself in his workshop, using only the scavenged wood, a box of screws, a roll of gaffer tape and some wood glue. Pretty impressive eh?

The Rig Out’s Antony Crook photographed James’ journey down the river.

James is still fundraising for the same reasons and for the same charity (What’s Driving Parkinson’s), so if you feel entertained or moved by this post, don’t be shy – donate what you can here