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Pica~Picks: Sunglasses

Published: Fri Jun 10 2016

Whether you’re jetting off to some fancy holiday destination with a name that you can’t pronounce, or you’re driving up a slight hill with the evening sun shining directly into your retinas, your eyes will really appreciate a good pair of sunglasses.

With that in mind, here are a few good ones. 

To start off this voyage into the world of tinted eyewear, we’ve got these Van Buren sunglasses from laid-back Venice Beach vision-lord Garrett Leight. These ones have fairly classical stylings, and as with everything from Big Gary, they’re not plastered with logos or badges. Proper minimal masterpieces of the highest order.  

Completely different, but equally ace are these Timeless numbers from Han Kjøbenhavn. With those bright yellow toxic-waste-esque clip-on lenses, these have a certain ‘summertime in Sellafield’ look to them that not enough sunglasses possess. 

Here we’ve got yet more sunglasses from that Garrett Leight fellow. These ones are called the Harding, and have particularly fancy frames in a tasty caramel hue. Luckily they’re not really made of caramel because that’d be daft. 

And that brings us to the Ray-Ban Wayfarers, the Big Kahuna Burger of the sunglasses world. Designed in 1952, these have been worn by such assorted luminaries as Jack Nicholson, Corey Feldman and that guy with the long hair in the picture above (although to be fair, he didn’t have a choice).

Walk up to a stranger on the street, hold a spud gun to their head and politely demand that they draw a pair of sunglasses on a piece of paper, and chances are these are what they’d nervously scrawl—such is the power of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

And finally, we’ve got the Shuron Freeways. If these were English they’d be called the Shuron Dual Carriageways, but they’re made in America, so they’re not. Put these on, fire up that Ford Mondeo estate and drive on out into the sunsetthe open road is calling.

And if none of those take your fancy, we've got more here.