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Pica~Picks: Shorts

Published: Fri May 27 2016

There aren’t loads of opportunities to wear shorts in England, so when that sun does finally make an appearance, you’ve got to make the most of it and cast off the shackles of full-length legwear.

With that in mind, here are a few pairs of shorts we’re into...

Starting things off we’ve got these Baggies Shorts from Patagonia. Pedants may whinge that these are actually ‘swimming shorts’, but swimming shorts are shorts too. Anyway, thanks to that visually appealing design, you can just about get away with wearing these in non-aquatic environments.

It’s also worth knowing that Patagonia describe these shorts as, “The original funhog shorts.” Make of this what you will.

Although shorts are traditionally worn for sporting activities, they may also be worn whilst slobbing around. These super-soft sweat-shorts from National Athletic Goods are a prime example of laid-back, lounging-around-the-house shorts.

If you enjoy comfort, then you’ll enjoy these.

But if you are looking for serious shorts to do real deal activities in, then we recommend these Keb shorts from Fjällräven. These are proper outdoor action shorts for those who know how to catch wild salmon using only a chip shop spork. They’re made of fancy stretchy fabric too, making them good for lunges.

For something similar-but-not-exactly-the-same, Fjäll also make these blue ones which feature a bonus axe-pocket. And that’s not a joke either.

Up next we’ve got these Easy Shorts from Japan’s orSlow. These ones are pretty hard to describe using words, but we can tell you that they’re made out of denim and they’ve got an elasticated waist.

They might be designed for climbing in or something, but we’re not too sure. Anyway, they look good and that tastefully washed denim is some of the best about.

On a similar, elasto-waisted tip, Y.M.C. make these crisp cotton beauties.

To round off this vital, life-changing list of shorts that we sell, we’ve got some time honoured Oi Polloi favourites, the Engineered Garments Fatigue Shorts. Tough, well-made, big pockets—these are the perfect military shorts for when the temperatures rise in the constant battlefield known as everyday life.

There you go—a few pairs of shorts you may be interested in. Other ones worth a look include these linen numbers from Arpenteur and every other pair of shorts we stock.

See our short selection here.