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For most people, a pair of jeans or a denim jacket is just something to wear, but for a select few, it’s a indigo-dyed, cotton canvas of creativity, crying out for home-made expression.

These photos here (from a book called American Denim: A New Folk Art that Josh found on one of his charity shop missions), show such people, posing with their multi-coloured, hand-stitched creations.

Some of the designs are better than others, but definite stand-outs include that winged Levi’s shirt and that trucker jacket with Ena Sharples on the back. 

Study these images, buy yourself some new denim, fire up that sewing machine and turn your dreams into a slightly strange looking reality today. 

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The people say...

  • Mustard Mash

    Superb clogg effort in second last pic..!

  • Andy

    There is nothing like attention – especially at a mountain hillbilly orgy. I can see customized denim being a big hit in Burnley or even Stockport, because has to be better than the current shit worn by the youth of such areas. You never know it may even be a trend in Manchester’s gay village or already is one (cause I’m not sure)

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