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Pica~Picks: Short Sleeve Shirts

Published: Fri May 13 2016

It’s prime short sleeve shirt weather right now (or at least it was when we cobbled together this blog-post), so we thought we’d raise our pointing fingers and pick out some of our favourites.

First up we’ve got this here Road Shirt from Universal Works. This baby is a real masterpiece of minimalism—it hasn’t got any pockets, it hasn’t got a mad pattern and, as far as we’re aware, it hasn’t got a built in sat-nav system.

It’s just a really classy summer shirt—what more could you ever want?

Oh, and if you do want more, Universal Works make a lighter blue one and a white one.

On the other end of the short sleeved spectrum we’ve got this Block Print Shirt from Beams Plus. Just as less is more, sometimes more is also more… or something.

Anyway, this is a proper short-sleeved show-stopper, and those pockets can be filled with ice-cold cans of Lilt to create a very effective torso cooling system.

Other honourable mentions in the ‘mad pattern’ category go to this floral fancy from Battenwear and this super-stripy number from Engineered Garments.

White shirts may be dangerous when worn in a BBQ environment, but when they’re not covered in ketchup they look ace. In fact, this one from Battenwear is so good it’d still look ace covered in a gallon of Heinz’s finest.

Talking of ketchup, this shirt is probably the exact shirt we’d wear if we worked in a chip-shop. We can but dream… 

Up next we’ve got this light and fragrant popover shirt from Norse Projects. Not to be confused with pavlova shirts (designed to be worn whilst eating raspberry-infused meringue deserts), popover shirts are a real summer staple that probably deserve their own sub-category of Pica~Picks — Top of the Popovers?

Until then, feast your eyes on the subtle brilliance of this Norse beauty, and for similar but different shirts, we recommend this linen one from those irrepressible Gitman Brothers, or this chambray Carhartt one

And last but definitely not least, we’ve got this Beams Plus number made from ultra-spicy patchwork madras. Although we’d like to think this checked fabric takes its name from the flavoursome curry, it’s actually named after the Indian city formerly known as Madras (it’s now called Chennai, if you were wondering).

Although this stuff originates in India, it’s probably most famous for being associated with sharply dressed Ivy League types. And even if you didn’t get that scholarship to Harvard, you’ve got to admit this shirt is pretty special.

Also on the madras menu we’ve got this button-down from Penfield and this proper breezy holiday shirt from Yellow Rat.

So there you go, some shirts that we thought you might like. Still struggling? You could always go down the DIY route and chop the sleeves of your favourite long sleeved shirt with a chainsaw. Just make sure you're not wearing it at the time — we won't be held responsible for missing limbs.