Oi Polloi

Caption Competition: Win a £50 Voucher

Published: Fri Jun 03 2016

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, so without further ado... here’s one of our caption competitions.

Come up with something half decent for that picture above, write it in the comments bit below and you might win yourself £50 to spend here at Oi Polloi.

Get your caption in before Thursday the 9th of June otherwise we'll ignore it (even if it's dead good).

And please, please, please put a bit of effort in here, or at least make sure your caption is legible.

Good luck.


This competition has finished. Congratulations to Matthew Coulston for winning. His caption? "Your calls may be monitored for research porpoises." Genius.

Commiserations to all you losers, maybe try a bit harder next time.