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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

Pica~Sounds is our monthly excuse to head over to Soup Kitchen (just up the road from our Thomas Street headquarters) and lose ourselves in the vibrant and eclectic world of music. Records are spun, drinks are drunk and food is devoured.

This month we welcome back our prodigal daughter and former Pica~Resident Katy Bee to caress our lugs with some cosmic guff and spacey sounds. Should be a good one.

Come on down from 6pm on Thursday the 14th of April and have a drink or two with the Oi Polloi goon squad.

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The people say...

  • DAniel gREy

    Fo yo and yors and me an maan…

  • Sam - OP

    So far we’ve got Craig David, David Grey and Daniel Craig lined up for guest appearances. Heard their working on a new E.P. together too… what a time to be alive.

  • markEbyGumSmith

    Will Craid David be making a surprise appearance? love the new single btw- both craig and katy all over my “wheesh boing” !

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