Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jun 10 2022


Deck~Out No.419

We’re all spoilt for choice on time-wasting activities in the modern age, from endless phone-based scrolling to Netflix-scouring, but people-watching is unquestionably the finest way to whittle away a few hours.

No subscription needed here – all it requires is a semi-keen eye, a park/high street/industrial estate you can lurk in and a dash of nosiness… you’ll easily lose an afternoon gawking at all the mad characters existing on the peripheries of society.

Deck~Out No.419

A man strolls with a parrot on his shoulder, while another wearing a pink fluffy cowboy hat rags his vintage Cannondale into a tree. An elderly woman has a conversation with a flock of pigeons, a bald geezer eats a chippy tea on a bench, fortified by a wall of Stella. Teenagers beat the living daylights out of a phone box. A group of ruffians share an odd-smelling cigarette, and a poncey, earpiece slickster watches in horror as his top-of-the-range smart phone falls into the gutter.

So who’s this lad then? Well, it’s not a coincidence you’ve never seen him about… he’s the people-watching-people-watcher. 


      1. Beams Plus
        Rip-Stop Jungle Hat
        One size
      2. Akila
        Legacy Raw
        Raw Kombu / Kombu
        One size
      3. Norse Projects
        Holger Tab Series Stripe Mix T-Shirt
        Alp Green
      4. Patagonia
        Long Sleeved P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee
      5. Gramicci
      6. RoToTo
        Coarse Ribbed Old School Crew Socks
        Green / Charcoal
      7. Battenwear
        Packable Tote
        Forest Green / Black
        One size
      8. Warrior
        Emb Green