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All alone this Valentine's Day? Did no one choo-choo-choose you this year? Don't fret – this lad here is the chairman of the Lonely Hearts Club, and might just be the solution to all your lovelorn woes.

The Lonely Hearts Club meets every other Wednesday at the Wilmslow cons club, and for an hour and fifteen minutes (until the under-tens karate class boots you out), you can whinge to other like-minded singletons about your lack of success in the game of love.

Alright, you're not likely to find someone here to hold you tender to the wee hours or take you out for a well-deserved Bella Italia, but you might just make a friend or two. Which is sort-of a relationship, right? Right?



      1. Nanamica
        Chino Cap
        One size
      2. Nanamica
        2L Gore-Tex Short Soutien Collar Coat
        Size L
      3. Oi Polloi Sportswear Co.
        Hooded Sweatshirt
        Size L
      4. Oi Polloi
        Lambswool Scarf
        Maclean Of Duart Weathered
        One Size
      5. Universal Works
        PJ Stripe Shirt
        Size L
      6. Uniform Bridge
        Cotton Fatigue Pant
        Size XL
      7. Anonymous Ism
        Stripes Crew Socks
      8. G.H. Bass & Co.
        Clayton Larson Pull Up
        Dark Brown Leather
        UK 10

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