Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Mar 05 2021


Scientists, politicians, clairvoyants and speculative-fiction nutters have long grappled with questions pertaining to the future of the human race – will we dwell in gigantic mega-cities, living and working in tiny capsules, subsisting on a diet of lab-grown meat, or will we revert back to hunter-gatherer-type societies and spend our days hunting small woodland critters? Will we drive flying cars, or will we be able to teleport? Will The Simpsons ever end, or will it outlive us all?

These inquires deserve plenty of consideration of course, but there's one question that hasn't be interrogated as much as it should...

What will the lads on the terraces be wearing in the future?

Alright, it might not be as pressing of an issue as say, how do we stop the sun from turning into a deadly laser, but it's something we here at Oi Polloi have spent a lot of time arguing over.

… Yeah, maybe don't turn to us to answer the big questions in future.


  1. C.P. Company
    Metropolis Tracery Jacket 
    Laurel Wreath
  2. Kestin Co.
    Creiff Sweat Windbreaker
  3. Stüssy
    Stock Logo Crew Tee
  4. Albam
    Taper Chino
  5. Anonymous Ism
    Light Weight Slub Crew Sock
    One Size
  6. PUMA
    Suede Vintage
    Ponderosa Pine / White
    UK 10