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Deck~Out by Liam Daly •

Fountain of Knowledge

There are people out there who dedicate large swathes of their lives to knowing everything there is to know about the most niche subjects.

Some turn their hippocampus into a database of Japanese pop music from 1977 to 1983, others push out treasured family memories to make space for every iteration of the Ford Sierra's manual, and others go insane trying to track down the origins of how Mars' hallowed Bounty came into being.

This lad here? He knows everything there is to know about corduroy. He knows so much about in fact, he doesn't even feel the need to dress head to toe in it.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, he'll never spill the proverbial beans – he took a solemn oath of silence when he was inducted into the Corduroy Committee of Clifton. Those guys take ridged velveteen VERY seriously.


    1. Arpentuer
      Mevi Jacket
    2. Corridor
      Capricorn Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt
    3. Carhartt
      Simple Pant
      Wall Rinsed
    4. Satta
      Dark Olive
      One Size
    5. New Balance
      Size 10
    6. Anderson's
      Woven Leather Belt
      One Size
    7. Adsum
      Core Logo Sock
      One size

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