Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Aug 21 2020


Now we're not saying that Prince's 1984 musical cinematic opus Purple Rain can be improved upon, but we do think the IP is ripe for franchise-isation.

Here's an idea for the sequel – Purple Rain 2: Rain Harder. It's the tale of Tarquinius Falquad, a boy born into nobility on the purple planet of Lavendoid. After his scheming, evil uncle Dave (we ran out of naming-based steam) mounts a revolution that leads to the death of his parents, Tarquinius must flee to Earth, where he finds hope in the humble art of lumberjackery.

We know that doesn't have a whole lot in common with the original Purple Rain, but who cares? Get whatever flavour-of-the-month popstar to do an OST, stick a CGI cameo from Prince in there, have Iron Man show up at the end at set up another sequel and we promise you'll be printing money in no time.

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