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Deck~Out by Adam Hindmarch •


Back in the days when air-travel wasn't a commonplace novelty, people used to treat flying like an actual event worth getting dressed for.

This lad here is keeping that tradition alive.

Of course, he's not getting tarted up in a suit or anything daft like that; he's much to suave for that. Instead, he's sitting pretty betwixt the invisible line that divides luxury and comfort.

Classy jackets with loads of pockets for his boarding passes, passports, discounted duty-free cigarettes... breathable cardigans all the way from Japan... tastefully wide trousers that are bang-on for first class leg spreading...

And before you say anything about the ever-controversial socks-and-sandals combo, those socks are moisture resistant. Can't be boarding private jets with stinking feet, can you?

  1. Stüssy
    Reversible Bucket Hat
    Size L / XL 
  2. East Harbour Surplus
    Polk Jacket
    Off White
    Size L
  3. Nanamica
    ALPHADRY Stretch Cloth Cardigan
    Size L
  4. Goldwin
    Short Sleeve Border T-Shirt
    Size L
  5. Albam
    GD Ripstop Pleated Trouser
    Size L
  6. Birkenstock
    Size UK 10
  7. Patapaca
    Dyed Socks
    One Size

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