Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Mar 06 2020


There's not enough hours in a day. You've got to get at least eight hours of sleep, go to work, socialise, spend time with your loved ones, eat three hearty meals and cram at least four minutes of teeth-brushing every single day.

Anyway, what's there to say about this guy? His coat is a nice shade of blue... those big pockets are good as well... errrmmm... maybe he's stowing something interesting in them... white jeans... probably some sort of devil-may-care-type character... make sure you call mum this evening... errr... rearrange that dentist appointment as well... and replace the milk, it's been out of date for over ten days now... no wonder your brews have been tasting so rank...

Hang on, what were we talking about?

  1. Story MFG
    Forager Jacket
    Size L
  2. Satta
    Paseo Shirt
    Mocha Brown
    Size L
  3. Adsum
    Short Sleeved Pocket Tee
    Size L
  4. Universal Works
    Track Trousers
    Canvas Ecru
    Size 34
  5. Beams Plus
    Outdoor Socks
    One Size
  6. Paraboot
    Michael Lisse
    Size UK 10