Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Feb 07 2020


These days, life can get pretty hectic. When we've not get our heads jammed in our smart phones/smart tablets/smart TVs/smart PlayStation 2s, we're working ridiculously long hours in drab offices, stuck on jam-packed public transportation, or fighting with self-service machines over whether or not there is a mysterious item in the bagging area.

But it doesn't have to be like this friends. Just take this guy for example – a shining beacon of what casual livin' truly looks like.

He wears linen smocks, all of his trousers are roomy and wide, he's never watched the news, he has three baths every single day, he's eaten nothing but Pot Noodles since 2011, he owns a tortoise, his mattress covers the entire floor of his flat, he's only said seven words his entire life and he even takes a couple of days off from breathing every now and then...

Actually, that sounds pretty miserable now that we think about it. Best stick to those spreadsheets eh?

  1. Folk
    Overlay Jacket
    Size L
  2. orSlow
    Pullover Shirt
    Size 4
  3. Folk
    Drawcord Assembly Pants
    Size 36
  4. Adsum
    Tote Bag
    Natural/Dark Navy
    One Size
  5. adidas
    Continental Vulc
    Ftwr White
    Size UK 10