Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Nov 15 2019


This is the tragic tale of a Ephraim Barnaby. During what was supposed to be four-week stint as a lighthouse keeper, Ephraim was stranded on a isolated rock two miles off the coast of Cornwall after his ferry home was attacked and sunk by a school of irritable crabs. With his supplies running low, Ephraim did was any sane man would do to survive – eat the entirety of his emergency Fisherman's Friends ration.

Eventually, a replacement ferry came to rescue Mr. Barnaby, but at that point, the damage was already done – he'd consumed over 4000 packets of the dangerously tasty menthol sweets, thus causing him to contract what's know in nautical circles as “the minty shakes”.

To this day poor Ephraim can't take off his ultra-warm fleece pants in fear of the shakes returning.

Moral of the story? Dunno... don't get a job as a lighthouse keeper?


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