Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Oct 18 2019


To liven up this week's Deck~Out, we decided to power up the trusty dictaphone and ask Dwayne Hudson, one of the lads doing his work experience with us, what he thinks about this outfit, and see if he wanted to write a Deck~Out of his own.

Here's what the young buck had to say:

“Do I have to? Was just gonna go on my lunch. Really want a burger. And chips. Mum never lets me have burgers and chips at home, on account of my oily skin. And ketchup. I prefer mayonnaise over ketchup usually, but last time I put mayonnaise on a burger, my dad scolded me and left the house, never to return.

“Oh right yeah, the outfit. Ummm... is that jacket Irn-Bru flavoured or something? Looks tasty. I'll get an Irn-Bru with my burger I think. Won't be wearing those white jeans though – risky business with ketchup. Although... mayonnaise stains wouldn't be an issue...”

Needless to say, we promptly sacked our in-house writer and replaced him with Dwayne. Genius like that cannot go unrewarded.

  1. Stone Island
    Nylon Metal Track Jacket
    Size L
  2. Carhartt WIP
    Madison Cord Shirt
    Dusty Mauve / Cinder
    Size L
  3. Adsum
    Stripe Tee
    Grey / White
    Size L
  4. orSlow
    107 Ivy fit Jeans
    Size 4
  5. adidas Spezial
    Hoddlesdon SPZL
    Size UK 10