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Published: Fri Aug 23 2019

Championship Manager 1983

Did you know the first instalment of the much-lauded football management simulation video game series Championship Manager debuted in 1983?

Thought by video game dweebs as forever lost, a NES copy of the mythic game was recently unearthed during a excavation of an old Blockbuster in Broughton.

According to those who’ve played it, the contract signing and finance managing gameplay fans have come to know and expect is nowhere to be found – instead, you play as Jesús Fonzi (pictured above in glorious HD) as he sees the final season of his career by chain-smoking by the sidelines and getting into verbal tiffs with the finest hooligan firms the 80s had to offer (“press ‘A’ to tell gammon-faced man to do one”).

Despite it’s relative obscurity, the game has influenced the beautiful game more than almost anything else. After all, why do you think all real-life football managers love massive, puffy coats?

  1. Stone Island
    Lino Resinato Down TC Jacket 
    Size XL
  2. A Kind Of Guise
    Dullu Overshirt
    Multi Check
    Size L
  3. Universal Works
    Classic Crew Sweatshirt
    Dry Handle Loopback Ecru
    Size L
  4. Orslow
    New Yorker Pants
    Size 3
  5. Novesta
    Star Master Classic
    UK 10