Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jun 21 2019


Textbook Oi Polloi look here. Big ol’ smock, a pair of shorts and the ever-controversial socks and sandals combo. Or are they shoes? Who knows? Anyway – this guy isn’t fazed. He’s too busy camped out half-way up the side of that massive cliff-face in Yosemite National Park made famous thanks to Mac desktop wallpapers, struggling to make a fry-up after realising he left his ketchup in the back of his car 3,000 feet below. HP Sauce advocates might say otherwise, but you can’t have a fry-up without ketchup.

  1. C.P. Company
    Bitter Chocolate
    Size XXL
  2. Arpenteur 
    Match T-Shirt
    Navy / White / Yellow
    Size L
  3. Carhartt WIP
    Aviation Shorts
    Dollar Shorts 
    Size 34
  4. Keen
    Uneek X RFW
    Neutral Grey / Eiffel Tower
    Size UK 11
  5. F/CE
    Xpac Helment Bag
    One Size