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The Human Spice Rack is a relatively unknown superhero from the 2000 AD canon.

Armed with a madras-scented popover and a carry-all brimming with oregano, paprika, pepper, rosemary and coriander, The Human Spice Rack policed the mean streets of Mega City Two with iron fist, throwing spicy powder in the eyes of the city's many craggy-faced criminals.

Unfortunately, his exploits were shelved after only two issues, as, when compared to a juggernaut like Judge Dredd, The Human Spice Rack ended up looking like a bit of a wuss.

  1. Engineered Garments
    Cagoule Shirt
    Khaki Big Madras Plaid
    Size L
  2. Colorful Standard
    Mint Green
    Size L
  3. Lady White Co.
    Size XL
  4. Novesta
    Oi Polloi Star Master 
    Navy / Navy
    Size Uk 10
  5. Anonymous ism
    Moc Pile Crew Socks
    Size L
  6. Barbour
    Kilburne Holdall
    One Size

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