Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Apr 05 2019


The last couple of days have been pretty hectic at OP HQ. Alongside all the other hassle that comes part-and-parcel with running a shop, a wormhole to an alternate dimension has recently sprung up in our office. And while now we have to tip-toe around it when we go to make a brew, we've had some great fun observing all the wacky characters the multiverse has to offer.

We're particularity fond of this chap – Tunter H. Shompson. He's essentially the dullest possible version of Gonzo-mastermind Hunter S. Thompson, just with better taste in clobber.

Instead of riding with the Hell's Angels or ruminating on failed counterculture movements while off his nut on psychoactive substances, Tunter focusses his energies on writing about his experiences living with Cumbria's most vicious garden centre gang and pondering why WHSmith charges £2.70 for a wafer-thin tuna sandwich.

  1. Stone Island
    Multi Pocket Field Jacket
    Size XXL
  2. Séfr
    Suneham Shirt
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    Size M
  3. Séfr
    Clin Tee
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    Size M
  4. Universal Works
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