Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Oct 05 2018


“Hello is that the park ranger there? Yep, I'd like to report a crime.
What happened? Well, an animated bear nabbed my picnic… 
What did he look like? He was two-dimensional. Does that help? And he was wearing a green tie but no trousers.
Yeah, I thought that was strange too.

Anything else? Now that I think about it, he had an American accent – and he kept going on about how much smarter he was than the average bear.
Any accomplices? Yeah – he had his weird little mate with him – sort of like a cut-price Scrappy Doo or something. Bit of a pain really.

What did he take? A full meal deal! Yep, even my Monster Munch! I’m just glad I managed to fend him off before he snaffled my classy comfort shoes.
My name? Oh, it’s Fred Flintstone.
Yep, I’ll hold.”

  1. Norse Projects
    Kyle Wool Shirt
    Mustard Yellow
    Size XL
  2. Armor-Lux
    Iroise / Nature
    Size XL
  3. Champion
    Crewneck T-Shirt
    Size XL
  4. Universal Works
    Fatigue Pants
    Lovat Moleskin
    Size XL
  5. Patagonia 
    Arbor Classic Pack 25L
    El Cap Khaki
  6. Yogi
    Lennon Shoes
    Tan Suede
    Size UK 10