Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Aug 03 2018


In 1992, a think-tank of professors, scientists, academics and doomsday preppers convened in order to possibly illuminate the proverbial fog of the future, and understand what the world might be like in the year 2018.

In terms of clobber, they were absolutely spot-on: those wise men and women 26 years ago did indeed predict that in 2018 we would be wearing purple North Face jackets, storing our bits-and-bobs in packable bags from New York, and using 90s trainers to waltz about in.

In terms of everything else, they were embarrassingly wrong: these fools also predicted that modern democracy would crumble, global politics would turn into some Terminator-esque nightmare, and we'd use crispy M&M's as currency (only the blue ones though, apparently).

Although, credit where credit's due: they were right about The Simpsons staying on air.

  1. The North Face
    Mountain Q Jacket
    Tillandsia Purple
    Size L
  2. Battenwear
    Long Sleeve basic Pocket Tee
    White Cotton Jersey
    Size XL
  3. Norse Projects
    Liannaeus Classic Shorts
    Luminous Blue
    Size 36
  4. WigWam
    Mingle Socks
    Ocean Blue
    Size L
  5. Adidas
    Ultra Tech
    Crystal White
    Size UK 11
  6. Battenwear
    Packable Tote
    Navy 60 / 40
    One Size