Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jul 13 2018

Carpet Diem

Spurred on by the resulting existential crisis after a life-threatening run-in with a disgruntled badger, this chap here has decided to spend his remaining years living life to the absolute fullest.

He's exclusively going to shop at fancy food shops like Waitrose and Booths. He's quit his job as a 9-to-5 carpet salesman to pursue his lifelong passion of crab racing. He's vowed to only wear 13.5oz denim from Japan and hardy two pocket overshirts from Italy. He's resolved to watch naff reality TV shows without feeling guilty. He's actually going to give reading Infinite Jest a serious try.

He'll probably sack it all off after a week, considering how downright implausible his dreams are… but here's to hoping he'll power through. Seize the day young fellow! Eat those decadent ready meals! Race those crabs! LIVE LIFE!

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  2. Our Legacy
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