Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jul 06 2018


In this glorious age of eco-consciousness and recycling mania, Wellington boots are being made from discarded chuddy, sports cars are being made from ready-meal packets, and, as is the case with this chap here, even human beings are Frankenstein-ed together out of Rubicon cans, bits of car tyre and apple cores.

While that might sound miraculous to the earth-children in the audience, the geezer is still human… which means he's got human flaws like the rest of non-recycled folk.

Alas, despite his esteemed National Trust membership, being made from green bin waste, and consistently wearing vegan sandals and waterproof jackets made from sugar beet, the Recycled Man makes his living as an oil magnate.

Bit of a shame that really.

  1. Tretorn
    Bio Jacket
    Stalk Blue
    Size M
  2. Wyse
    Assam Tee
    Size 4
  3. Norse Projects
    Aros Light Twill Shorts
    Dark Navy
    Size 34
  4. Birkenstock
    Arizona EVA
    Size 42