Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jun 01 2018

The Myth of the Luxury Petrol Station

For years now we’ve heard tall-tales of an implausibly luxurious petrol station, hushed over C.B. radio waves across the North West. 

Gold-laced premium unleaded is poured from diamond-encrusted pumps, the attendants are decked-out in the finest Norse Projects garms available to humankind, and instead of Walkers Grab Bags and Lucozade Sport, you’re treated to truffle sarnies, lobster pasties and that fancy San Pellegrino stuff with the foil on the can. 

But where oh where does this mystical wonder lie? Somewhere near Rochdale, apparently... 

  1. Norse Projects
    Light Twill Sports Cap
    Coral Red
    One Size
  2. Norse Projects
    Theo Overdyed Check Shirt
    Kelp Green
    Size M
  3. Orslow
    Easy Pants
    Khaki Twill
    Size 3
  4. Patagonia
    Long Sleeved P-6 Responsibili-Tee
    Size S
  5. Converse
    1970's Chuck Taylor All Star
    Size 9
  6. WigWam
    Cypress Socks
    White / Purple