Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Mar 29 2018

Commune Clobber

Moonbeam sighs miserably to himself as he clambers into bed in his family's camper-van.

“Why can't I be like the other kids?” he wonders to himself. “I'm sick of all this back-to-the-land malarkey”.

Moonbeam regards his 'utopian' existence with contempt: an existence of getting in touch with his emotions, farming the land and learning about the power of community has made his days seem endless and monotonous.

“I don't want to live off the fruits of the earth, I want to scoff McCoy's crisps! I don't want to live in San Fran, I'd rather be back in Stretford! I don't want to read the writings of Marx and Engels, I want to read Auto Express!” he thinks to himself angrily.

Alas, Moonbeam goes to sleep furious once more, already resenting at whatever wholesome, hippie activities are in store for him tomorrow.

However, it's not all doom-and-gloom for Moonbeam: at least the clobber at the commune is spot on.

  1. Orslow
    Hooded Blouson
    Yellow Poplin
    Size 2
  2. Universal Works
    Road Shirt
    Sun St Ives Shirtingv
    Size M
  3. Champion
    Crewneck T-Shirt
    Size L
  4. Orslow
    New Yorker Pants
    Army Ripstop
    Size 2
  5. Novesta
    Star Dribble
    Size 10