Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Mar 09 2018

Lad of Leisure

You might be sat at a desk right now, head in the clouds, daydreaming of a more leisurely life, but this chap is here to give you a hypothetical slap on the cheek and tell you to get back to work. Apparently, the life of leisure isn't all sunshine and roses.

You see, this lad here made his money young. He retired at the tender age of fourteen, and since then, he's been bored senseless.

He's no good at golfing, he's gets seasick incredibly easily, and due to the amount of lobster he's shovelled into his face over the years, he's pining for the days of a tuna sandwich and a Naked smoothie meal deal.

It's got so severe that now the only thing that can ease his life's monotony is watching repeats of Home Improvement… and they stop at 10am.

When this lad of leisure rests his head on his goose-feather pillows, he's dreaming of your life; your life of boundless chaos, action and excitement.

There's a moral here we'll let you figure out for yourself.

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