Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Mar 02 2018


These days, it seems Hollywood keeps pumping out the same regurgitated nonsense. But, we can't moan if we're not willing to fix it. So we've tried our hands at writing a script, and we think we've come up with the perfect remedy for cinema's ailments... and his name is BUD McGOUGHLIN; ACTION WEATHERMAN!

Story goes something like this: after getting tangled up in radioactive green screen, Bud McGoughlin acquires a multitude of superhuman abilities. He can control a handheld fan's worth of wind, he can summon light drizzle with his mind and upon his touch, boiling hot cups of tea turn to room temperature brews.

When his girlfriend is kidnapped by nefarious ITV sports presenter Mark Pougatch, Bud must use every ounce of his abilities to rescue her, and save the day...

Okay, maybe that also sounds pretty awful, but do you have a better idea? Didn't think so. 

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