Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Feb 16 2018

VIP Lounge

Unfulfilling 9-to-5 by day... microwave cuisine at night... life is slowly starting to look more and more like Office Space... sound familiar? Don't worry, this geezer was the same - nothing more than a mere cog in the machine.

Until by chance, he slipped on that opulent Stoney overshirt. After that, nothing was the same.

Now he's sipping cappuccinos in a VIP lounge. He's getting sent complimentary Kettle Chips. He's dividing his time up between flights to Milan, Paris and Doncaster. He's creating shades of purple inconceivable to the regular humanoid mind, and he's selling them to the highest bidder. He's shopping at Waitrose, and you best believe he isn't waiting for the sarnies to get reduced.

He's taken life by the reigns, and he's riding it like Willie Shoemaker.

All this accomplished, by the simple yet tantalising power of a good overshirt... speaking of, we've got a Stone Island shirt just like it.

  1. Stone Island
    Old Effect Brushed Cotton Canvas Overshirt
    Size XL
  2. Norse Projects
    Johannes Wide Stripe Long Sleeve Tee
    Burned Red
    Size L
  3. Norse Projects
    Linnaeus Classic Sweat Pants
    Luminous Blue
    Size L
  4. Patagonia
    Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack
    Strait Blue
  5. Converse
    1970s Chuck Taylor All Star
    Size 10