Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Feb 02 2018

Le Salford Samouraï

Imagine: it's a bleak, rainy day in Salford. You're sat on the precinct, defeated and alone. An old lady has rammed into your ankles with a mobility scooter, noisy kids have been throwing chips at your head for the last three minutes, and to top it all off, some geezer's only gone and pinched your shopping.

Who do you call? 

You beckon this gentleman; defender of the wronged, the righteous white knight to all of the North West's shopping precincts, Salford's answer to Jef Costello.

He only accepts steak bakes as payment, but you best believe he gets results. Next time a soggy, projectile chip comes flying at your cranium, don't suffer – holler for the patron saint of your local shopping emporium.

  1. Lacoste
    Twill Sports Cap
  2. The North Face
    Goretex 1990 Mountain Jacket
    Vintage White
    Size M
  3. Lacoste
    Pique Polo
    Forst Blue
    Size 3
  4. Y.M.C
    Alva Pants
    Olive Cotton Ripstop
    Size L
  5. Converse
    1970s Chuck Taylor All Star
    Size 9