Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jan 19 2018


This chap here is a man from an alternative, utopian dimension, and he's got the clobber to prove it. 

In his world, everything looks like a 16mm film about New York, everyone's head-to-toe in Ralph Lauren gear, ice cream is extremely healthy and everyone drives an immaculate 1994 Ford Granada. 

The only drawback is that there's incredibly annoying and potentially life-ruining wormholes all over the floor, which has unfortunately sent him to a dimension where Manchester looks grey all the time, Ford Granadas have been discontinued and ice cream makes you fat. 

At least we still have Ralph here!

    1. Polo Ralph Lauren
      Classic Sports Cap
      Hampton Purple
    2. Polo Ralph Lauren
      Striped Rugby Shirt
      Blue / White
      Size L
    3. Orslow
      107 Ivy Fit Jeans
      Size 3
    4. Folk
      Waffle Socks
      Soft yellow
    5. Spring Court
      G2 Classic Canavas
      Midnight Blue
      Size 8