Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Dec 08 2017


Say hello to Cordy Roy – the product of a controversial gene splicing experiment merging DNA from a Parisian psychology lecturer and a large pile of deadstock cord found in the darkest recesses of the Oi Polloi basement.

Cord cap? Cord shirt? Cord cords? And that’s just the tip of the brown, ridged-velvet iceberg. From corduroy bedsheets to cord car-seats, this lad has more wales than Cardiff Sea-Life Centre.

Okay, from afar he might look a bit like a massive slice of Jamaica Ginger Cake, but if anything, that’s a good thing. Who doesn’t like Jamaica Ginger Cake?


    1. A.P.C.
      Mac Auster
      Size L
    2. Norse Projects
      Hans Cord Shirt
      Zircon Brown
      Size M
    3. Norse Projects
      Edvard Corduroy trousers
      Zircon Brown
      Size M
    4. Norse Projects
      6 Panel Corduroy Cap
      Zircon Brown
      One Size
    5. Converse
      1970's Chuck Taylor All Star
      Size 9
    6. Wigwam
      Cypress Socks
      White / Grey