Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Nov 03 2017


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it's your friendly neighbourhood superhero, Dagmar Shapiro Jr. (he has yet to come up with a snappy moniker for his superhero business) as he cuts through the sky like a corduroy dart. Where is he headed? He's headed to wherever his help is needed, wherever injustice is, where ever righteousness needs to be upheld.

However, upon further inspection, Shapiro Jr.'s facial expression looks somewhat irritated, fed-up, fatigued. That's because he is; saving the world day-after-day is tiring work, especially when what you really want to be doing is watching Seinfeld reruns and drinking fizzy pop and not rescuing people who've accidentally fallen into ponds.

He can't be blamed for being lazy, really. After all, would you like it if every time a cat got stuck up a tree or a bank got robbed you had to pause whatever film you were watching?


Didn't think so. Poor Dagmar has been 31 minutes into Seven Samurai for a year and a half, bless his cotton socks.

Some days all he wants to do is crash on the sofa, get into his jammies and watch long black-and-white movies, indulge in some daytime TV and maybe even eat a whole pot of that fancy M&S spicy lentil soup. But, as long as the world needs saving, as long as morals need to be upheld, the Reluctant Superhero Extraordinaire might never get his day of rest...

On the plus side, at least he gets to wear the needle-cord parka all the time.


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