Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Aug 10 2017


The Bedroom MC wasn't always the Bedroom MC. He was once a track and field star that went under the name 'A.J. Dynamite'. He was loved by all his fans, feared by all his enemies, until one day his arch-nemesis 'Michel Pablova' maliciously broke his leg with an oar during a warm-up session one winter afternoon. 

Due to the broken leg and intense cold, the Bedroom MC's leg never fully repaired. While convalescing at home however, the Bedroom MC found his true destiny while mindlessly scrolling through Youtube: rapping. 

At first, he sounded like a child just after they've had their wisdom teeth removed. But after years of practising, building up his flow, day after day, reading rhyming dictionaries and perfecting his ad-libs (“Skrtsssssocks”) he came into his own, becoming one of the finest MC's ever to grace his bedroom. Almost like a post-modern Rear Window

Now, here he is, stepping onto the stage Oi Polloi's underground rave-cave, about to perform his first set. He's clearly nervous, but his eyes are sharp, focussed, ready to blow everyone's minds. He breathes deeply as the lights dim, then fade into darkness. 

He begins to rap. 

He's alright, actually.    

  1. A Kind Of Guise
    Babak Beanie
  2. Patagonia
    Hi-Loft Down Hoody
    Navy Blue
    Size L
  3. Folk
    Rivet Sweat
    Bitter Orange
    Size 4
  4. Champion
    Reverse Weave Crewneck T-Shirt
    Size XL
  5. Adidas
    Tennoji Track Pants
    Legend Ink
    Size L
  6. Reebok
    Club Workout CB
    White / Collegiate Navy
    Size 10
  7. Folk
    Waffle Socks
    One size