Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jul 28 2017


As the Fancy Boy cues up the next minimal-ambient-trap banger on his mixing decks, at his bi-monthly vegan-electro night at the hippest bar in town (Gin bar recently converted from an old canal boat), he wonders to himself: ‘Is there more to life than this?’

His crisis deepens as the editor of the local post-modern-art-zine compliments his coat. ‘Is there more to life than being the best dressed in any and every room I enter?’ he asks himself again.

 The prospect of introspection has been quite alien to Fancy Boy as of late; he's been too busy jetting off to his villa in Paris, or hanging around with Bon Iver, or eating strange European baked-goods at pop-up street-food stalls, or being an external stylist to a very sophisticated fashion journaux to really be preoccupied with such trivialities, but this evening, he's questioning his every move.

 ‘Is there more to life than going out for a pint and ordering champagne, getting into Berghain every time with ease and people flying me out to their fashion shows on a weekly basis?’ he thinks, as he's asked to be in a photo with a bunch of fashion-obsessed kids who have eagerly waited outside the venue.

 ‘No – there isn't,’ he concludes as he kicks off his Paraboots and falls onto his duvet, made from 100% Egyptian linen, a fancy smile spread across his fancy face.

  1. A Kind Of Guise
    Nagoya Jacket
    Olive Green
    Size L
  2. Champion
    Reverse Weave Crewneck T-Shirt
    Size L
  3. A.P.C. 
    Pull Cabin 
    Size L
  4. Levi's
    511 Slim Fit Cords
    True Chino Cord
    Size 30/32
  5. Paraboot
    Ebene Grain Leather
    Size 8
  6. Anonymous ism
    Rainbow Fade Marl
    Size L
  7. Tender 
    Coffee Mug
    Butter Yellow Glaze