Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Jul 06 2017


It's a quiet Sunday afternoon when you first spot him: he's strolling into the local artisan coffee shop/deli place that's been open for six years but you've never been in. He clears his throat and the entire collective attention of said coffee shop is given to him. He softly speaks his order; his voice is commanding and as clear as day.

He's the Suburban Cowboy.

Ever since then you've been seeing him getting about quite a bit. He doesn't carry a six-shooter, he carries a pager. He doesn't ride a horse, he drives a family-people carrier. He doesn't smoke cigars, he has a vape pen that sort of looks like a pipe. He doesn't make his living robbing banks and holding up trains, he works in data management. But he's still a cowboy, and you know it.

When he walks about in his Spring Courts, you can hear his spurs jangling. He pulls his pager out quicker than anyone you've ever seen. How good he is at his job is criminal.

He might be car-pooling in the morning and watching Everybody Loves Raymond in the evening, but you know he has the soul of a gunslinger by the way he orders that coffee, the way he rides his car and the way he takes no nonsense at the PTA meetings. He also says 'that'll be the day' about three times a week.

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