Oi Polloi


Published: Tue Jun 20 2017


“Do I know that geezer?” you ask yourself when you spot the Mysterious Stranger. You think you know him, yet you seemingly don’t. It’s a confusing situation.

He might be sat on the train, reading a massive foreign book you’ve never heard of, he might be waltzing into the supermarket right when all the baked goods get reduced, he might be the guy at the bar who always gets served first; the ambiguous familiarity is is almost tortuous.

Is he the butchers boy? A model? Is he your sister’s boyfriend’s mate’s cousin? Is he a famous internet rapper? An Italian footballer? A French bohemian? A ski instructor you had one time? You’ve never had ski lessons though. Speaking of, you don’t live near a butchers, you don’t have a sister, the internet has always baffled you and you’ve never been to Italy or France. You want to run up to him and ask, but the uncertainty kills off your curiosity. Try and forget about it, sure, but the probing and all-consuming questions will stick in the back of your head, forever.

Us omnipotent guys at Oi Polloi know the Mysterious Stranger quite well: he actually just works at that clothes shop you go in sometimes. You’re welcome.

  1. Stone Island
    Old Effect Brushed Cotton Canvas Overshirt
    Size L
  2. A.P.C. 
    T-Shirt A.P.C. Coleurs H
    Size M
  3. Polo Ralph Lauren
    Flat Twill Rugby Shorts
    Fountain Blue
    Size M
  4. Adidas
    UltraBoost Uncaged
    White / White / Crystal White
    Size 9
  5. Polo Ralph Lauren
    Classic Sport Cap
    White / Multi Horse