Oi Polloi


Published: Thu May 25 2017

Ball Boy 2000

Is it too far-fetched to think that next Wimbledon those brilliant ball boys will be flying out to catch rogue balls on jet-powered hoover-boots? Maybe? We dunno, to us, this outfit looks to be the future of ball boys as we know it.

Think about it: the world progresses further each day, new advancements in buy-your-food-on-your-phone-then-it-turns-up-at-your-gaff apps and those insane drinks machines that holds every conceivable fizzy-pop-drink known to man. Ball boys are next, we've got the evidence to prove it.

The bag can hold up to 70,000 tennis balls in it (we think; our calculator is broken), the coat is flexible for all your ball-catching needs and those Spring Courts are probably the perfect prototype to start making the first jet-powered tennis shoe.

Remember your 3-D glasses next time Federer slams a killer serve, the future is here.

  1. Battenwear
    Weekend Jackets
    Turquoise Multi-Ply Taslan Nylon
    Size M
  2. Maillot
    Border Short Sleeve T-Shirt
    Size 3
  3. Patagonia
    Nine Trail Shorts
    Navy Blue
    Size S
  4. Spring Court
    B2 Classic Canvas
    Size 8
  5. Patagonia
    Arbor Duffel 60L
    Navy Blue
    One size
  6. Beams Plus
    Schoolboy Socks
    White / Grey
    One size