Oi Polloi


Published: Fri May 12 2017

Giuseppe Viennetta 

Some people have it pretty bad. Take this guy — Giuseppe Viennetta — born in mysterious circumstances round the back of the Walls factory, he’s half man, half mint-flavoured ice cream.

Can’t sit by the fireplace for fear of melting… often mistaken for dessert at dinner parties… every visit to the seaside ends in horrific seagull-based attack… what a cross to bear.

Suppose there is one upside — at least he always looks fresh.

  1. Sassafras
    Gardener Bud Breaker 
    Navy Gabardine
    Size S
  2. Howlin'
    Psycho Killer Towel T-Shirt
    Size M
  3. Levi's
    Oi Polloi 511 Jeans
    34 / 32
  4. Reebok
    Workout Plus R12
    White / Royal / Tin grey
    Size 8
  5. Garret Leight
    McKinley Sunglasses
    Matte Bottle Glass Brown / Pure Tan
    One size
  6. Beams Plus
    Schoolboy Socks
    White / Grey
    One size